Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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 ChairFly Academy

T-6 Texan II Course Intercept & Fix To Fix Training Aid

  • KNOWN BUG:  To the TO-FROM indicator does not always display properly; our coder is working the issue
  • Click anywhere on the animated panel below to begin the simulator
  • The EHSI, aircraft, and VOR can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen
  • LEFT arrow to turn 1 degree left
  • RIGHT arrow to turn 1 degree right
  • UP arrow to speed up
  • DOWN arrow to decelerate
  • PGUP to rotate the HSI/CSW to the left
  • PGDOWN to rotate the HSI/CSW to the right
  • "Z" and "X" to rotate the Heading Bug
  • The black VOR symbol is the VOR/DME station
  • Pause/Play and Toggle Map buttons self explanatory
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