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Is it harder to get a pilot slot as a Navigator?

That's hard to answer. Depends on timing. Some would say that is the case because navs are operators in the flying world and many times are in squadrons already undermanned with a high ops tempo. So the squadron commander might refuse to let you go (which ends the application process pretty abruptly). Others would say since navs are being pushed out of jobs by computer systems, it's easier. Depends on where you're at really.


Section I - Overview, Timeline, and Flight Physical
The first part of this page deals with the timeline for submitting your package and is first preceded by a foreword. The flight physical component is then covered including scheduling, the actual physical, standards, waivers, and options regarding the flight physical.

Section II - Private Flying and the AFOQT/TBAS/PCSM
This section covers the "Big Picture" and then talks about gouge and other study aids. The section then covers the AFOQT/TBAS/PCSM and discusses scheduling and AFOQT waivers.

Section III - The Package Application Process and Following Up
This section covers required package items including the AF Form 215 and the importance of following up your package.  It also includes a description of the multiple successful 215 examples that were provided in the links section to the left by Hacker.

Section IV - The Board Specifics
This page is concluded with specifics about the Board which will decide whether or not you go to UPT.


The following is a rough timeline I stole from someone else much smarter than me:

6+ months prior to board

Flying Class I physical

  • There is a person in flight medicine that sends this off to AFPC for approval
  • Find this person and ride them like a circus pony. Don't trust them to take care of it on their own. When I first started the process in 2005, there was an A1C working my physical. He had no idea what he was doing because he was just thrown into the position. He PCS'd and then my physical fell between the cracks. I finally followed up on it and wound up having to retake a bunch of the tests because the A1C did not input the information into the AFPC database. I finally found a MSgt who had been doing this for the past 15 years. He took care of everything in one day. Find the person who knows and go directly to them.
  • It would expedite the process if you had that person review your physical BEFORE having it sent to AFPC. For example, they could notice that your EKG was not good and it may have been that you have a low resting heartbeat...therefore they can have you do jumping-jacks before a retest on the EKG
  • This is just an example but would make a difference between having a FC1 and having to get a waiver or get another FC1 to be submitted to AFPC
  • EVERYTHING IS WAIVERABLE!!! When someone tells you no, keep pressing until an AFI tells you no.

Retake AFOQT

  • I cannot stress enough the importance of this. My first scores were in the 60's. I retook the test and got into the high 90's. What a difference it made!
  • With regards to the new format of the AFOQT, you have 11 sections instead of the 16. you have 10 actual sections and an 11th “Self-diagnostic“. What does this mean? This means you need to do better in the sections that apply to pilot because there are fewer that go into the pilot category. MATH MATH MATH! That is the biggest area of the pilot section. I think it comprises like 40-50% of the pilot score. I studied math questions for 2-3 hours a day until I could do simple math in my head. Once you can do the math in your head it makes answering the questions a lot easier.
  • May be taken as many as two times, possibly three.  (There used to be a waiver to take the test a third time... the testing reg - AFI 36-2605, Attachment 2 - no longer mentions a waiver that would allow you to take a third time, but it doesn't hurt to ask.  In the past, you had to support your request for a third test with evidence of relevant additional training, such as flight hours, private pilot ground school, etc.  You also needed a letter from your CC recommending that you be allowed a retake). 

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Average AFOQT Scores & More

MAY 96 94 91 80 75 82
MAY 97 94 89 80 77 77
OCT 97 92 85 77 75 72
APR 98 91 82 73 73 68
NOV 98 88 82 73 72 69
APR 99 84 77 70 59 66

MAY 96
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