Friday, March 6, 2015
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Why It Pays to Be a Team Player

Team Player Points (TPP) are automatically assigned to users that help the content of this site.  TPP can be used to gain access to premium features.  Premium features scheduled for release in the future include our ChairFly Academy "Procedural Simulator" training environment.

How Do I Get Team Player Points?

We have several ways you can currently earn TPP with more to follow.  For now, you can earn points by using the automated update features associated with several of our pages.  Specifically, you can earn TPP if you:
  • Add UPT class Track Select or Assignment Drop info and get 100 TPP per class.  To add info click here
  • Host an Anonymous Live Expert chat and score 1000 TPP...  Or invite somebody to be an LE and get 10 TPP per invite.  Click here for more.
  • Refer one or more people to the site.  Type in a list of emails and messages are sent to them referring the site.  You'll get 50 TPP per person that registers here.  To send referrals, click here.
  • Get a link put up to us on another website (like your ROTC page) and gain up to 1500 TPP per link.  Click here for the automated process.
  • Update a Guard or Reserve board or application date (look under the "Guard and Reserve Jobs" menu above) and get 100 TPP per unit.
  • Update a Guard/Reserve page info (mailing address, etc) and gain 20 TPP per unit.
  • Add a bullet to the OPR/EPR Bullet Database (look under the "More" menu above) and earn 20 TPP per bullet
  • Subscribe to the Bullet Harvester service and get 20 TPP
  • Contact a team member in the forum and volunteer to do research or create a new page for the website.  For example, you could easily create a page for each UPT base.  Once perfected and published we'd give you an agreed upon number of TPP.
  • Contact a team member in the forum and volunteer to create an assigned PhotoShop or Flash graphic or animation.  We always have graphics we want to get made so if you have the skills, we have the TPP!
  • Contact a team member in the forum and volunteer to create a t-shirt or other merchandise for us to help raise money for the website.  If we like your idea and creation we'll throw you some TPP and then we'll invest the money into fielding your product.
  • For those of you competing for a Pilot Slot, provide your information on the Pilot Candidate Stats page.  You'll then be provided with HTML for a "Signature Block" which you can post on FaceBook or in your signature block on military aviation forums.  The signature block will allow users to click on a link and see your Pilot Candidate Statistics and also rate your chances of getting a pilot slot and leave helpful comments (only you can see the ratings and comments).  Each click on your link will give you 1 TPP.  Your TPP balance will build without you having to do anything.  Please note, TPP are never awarded for Pilot Slot Stats signature block referrals--only for Pilot Candidate Stats referrals.
  • Editing, correcting, adding content to existing content throughout the website.  Most pages can be edited by logged in users.  See something that has changed?  Correct it automatically.  Want to add info or just make the page look better?  You can edit the content by clicking on the "Be a Team Player!" link at the bottom of the content section (you must be logged in to see this link).  You will then be able to edit the content using our built in Text Editor.  You can even save a draft of your edits.  When you're ready to submit your improvements, it's simply one click away.  It doesn't get any easier than this.
  • Publish a new public AFORMS list for your aircraft (look under the "Operator Tools" menu above) and gain 1500 TPP

Soon, users will also be able to ear
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