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Please note, this form contacts WantsCheck.Com.  It is not the Air Force, or any particular Guard or Reserve unit.  We're just some guys who in their off time put some tools online for miltiary aviators and those who aspire to be so.  


Please do not ask questions about medical information, your individual chances of getting a pilot slot, AFOQT reporting procedures, or unit hiring information.  If you have general questions along those lines please post use our Pilot Candidate Stats page, and then use the provided signature block to allow users on various messageboards to contact you with their inputs.

If you are having trouble with one of the features of the site, please provide specific information so our Team can troubleshoot it.  We are available to assist you with our website operations on a time permitting volunteer basis.

We will respond as quickly as possible.  We appreciate your bringing matters to our attention and providing feedback.

* If you are contacting us to discuss receipt of your verification code, please make sure to keep the "send copy" box checked as we can use that info for troubleshooting.  If you don't hear back from us within a day or two, the problem is more than likely with the email you provided or the email server (your email server not delivering our emails to you).  This has been a problem with the GImail server.

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